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QS Upholstery Services, LLC.Hillside, NJ(201) 207 9835

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Upholstery has been our specialty for over 20 years, reupholstering dining room seats, bar stools, home and office chairs, auto and boat upholstery, and many other custom applications. Our goal is to always provide excellent service and make sure the customer is always satisfied, that everything was done to their specifications. We provide a very personalized and direct relationship with customers, free home consultations that work with any schedule, from late evenings to weekends. We carry a large variety of catalogs of a wide selection of materials for any application.


Why Reupholster?


There are various reasons why Reupholstering is common, such as:

  • Reupholstering can cost less than buying new
  • You can create and design a custom piece that matches your existing decoration
  • Sentimental value of a piece of furniture such as family inheritance or a piece that might have an history associated with
  • Increase the value of an antique piece
  • Restoration or update of existing upholstery


What is the difference between Reupholster & Recover?


          To reupholster a piece of furniture is to completely strip the piece down to the frame and rebuild it, webbing, springing, and right up to its top cover. To recover is to simply change the top fabric or material. There are times when a job can combine both recovering and reupholstering, depending on the condition or makeup of the piece. A good upholstery job should not only look good, it must also be functional and should give you many years of service.


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