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Automotive interiors over time get degraded and damaged; we can turn that old and boring upholstery into an exciting and new interior, door panels and any other interior parts. The pictures below are from one of our projects, a classic car that got an interior restoration.



This was a repair done on a leather seat. The seat cover was removed and repaired, and after installation the seat looks completely original.




This was a repair that we did on a front seat of a Nissan Pathfinder. Only the side section of the seat that was damaged was replaced, everything else we kept the same material.  We were able to get material really close to the factory color and texture, and after the repair was done it looked original again.  

Repair done on a Sparco racing seat; the original seat was damaged and some of the material had to be replaced in order to repair the seat. In this case black vinyl was used to replace the damaged material, and the result is a total custom seat with a nice color contrast!


Car seats that the cover had a tear on the seam. We repaired the seam and reinstalled the cover. Before and after the repair.






Car arm rest console cover that we repaired, it was reupholstered in faux leather matching car interior. 

Seat covers that were made to match existing interior on a Chevy Tahoe. The seat covers were installed, and after installation interior looks new again. 



Before and after pictures of an interior that we did for a 1989 BWM 325e. Seats were redone, and also the shift boot matching the interior. 



Interior pillar and trunk interior parts that were faded and worn out that were reupholstered matching the existing headliner, making the interior look new and sharp again! 





Custom seat covers that we installed on a 1960's Pontiac Firebird. 


Custom seat that we did for a 1960's Chevy Truck. 


Forklift seats that we repaired and reupholstered, before and after pictures. 




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