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There are many different styles of dining room seats, the seats below show the most common styles used. We can also cover dining room seats with plastic; it protects the seats from stains caused by spills and also keeps your dining room seats always looking new. 

We can also reupholster other types of chairs such as wing chairs, office chairs and other home chairs. Pictures below are from chairs that we reupholstered. 



Wingchairs that were reupholstered, before and after pictures. 

This was an antique chair that was reupholstered; the frame was slightly touched up to maintain the original finish and the chair was completely reupholstered. It was in need of a makeover, not only brought it back to life but also makes a great accent chair to any room in the house! 


This is a Victorian Eastlake Rocker chair from around 1880-1890, before and after pictures that we completely reupholstered and brought it back to life.



          These bar stools came from the factory with a plain white cloth material (right seat). We changed the material to a brown vinyl (left seat) so they could match existing bar decoration and colors. It changed the style to a more modern look, and its also easier to clean, lasting much longer than with the white fabric. This can be done with any kind of upholstery vinyl, fabric or even leather.




Kitchen seats that were reupholstered with black vinyl imitating leather.





          We also reupholster many different kinds of commercial seating including bar stools, office chairs, booth seats, lounge chairs, etc. Above are pictures of before and after of office chairs that were reupholstered.





Accent chair that was reupholstered with a fabric that matches existing decoration and color of a bedroom.



This office chair was reupholstered using leather of the same color so it could match existing furniture. Some extra padding was also added to make it feel more comfortable, and to make it look nice and full like it used to look when it was new. 





Game/lounge area chair that was reupholstered with a New York Yankees fabric. 





Kitchen chairs that were reupholstered in vinyl. 






Seat cushions that were reupholstered for massage chairs for a local nail salon. 



Antique Librarian chair that was reupholstered in a vintage script fabric. 


Vintage chair reupholstered in a velvet blue fabric. 

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