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QS Upholstery Services, LLC.Hillside, NJ(201) 207 9835


Sofas are something that most of us use daily. After some years of use sofa pillows start to get really soft and uncomfortable. We can replace the foam inside the pillows and make it feel like when you bought it, solid and comfortable. We also do repairs to any kind of sofas, including material, foam or structural damage.



Below is an antique Victorian love seat that was completely reupholstered, before and after pictures. 



Modern sofa that was reupholstered and updated, before and after pictures. 

Ethan Allen love seat reupholstered in a modern blue fabric, before and after pictures. 



Antique sofa that we completely reupholstered, bringing it back to life! 

          Sofa pillows that we replaced the foam, old foam was very soft and worn out.  After installing the new foam and refilling the back cushions, the sofa not only looks new but also feels very firm and comfortable just like a new sofa!


Sofa Repairs

Before and After pictures of sofa repairs. 

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